Videography + Brand Curation for Those Who Do Good.

People and organizations around the world fight for good things. We want to reveal those stories to the world + invite audiences to take part and take action.
My mission is to equip marginalized individuals and provide solutions for the organizations that serve them.
Services for disenfranchised people should be creative, responsive, and informed by the people they seek to serve. 

Projects conducted in: Cambodia, Haiti, Brazil, Peru, Uganda, Kenya, and the United States.


About Gentry Faith Wilson: 

I believe in raw, real, un-intrusive storytelling.
It is the type that when it crosses your path, you are compelled to act, to take part, or to share with others.
It is the type that doesn’t warp , veil , or sugar-coat a situation for gain. Rather, it allows the narrative to be informed by those it covers.

Small-town born and raised, I took a deep interest in unique walks of life and inspiring stories told in unexpected places from a young age. I moved to Austin, Texas in 2012 to study Advertising at the University of Texas and was trained by some of the best visual storytellers in the country. From mountaintops of Peru, to the basins of the Amazon Rainforest, to the vast savannah of Zambia, I've had the privilege of meeting brilliant and grounded people that fight for good things, and have refined my eye and understanding of storytelling from many perspectives and in many social, economic, and physical climates.